Sumire Kanzaki
St sumire0010
Sprite(s) ST-SumirePortrait-NeutralST-SumirePortrait-HappyST-SumirePortrait-Blushing
Japanese Kanzaki Sumire
Kana 神崎 すみれ
Romaji Kanzaki Sumire
Age 16 (Sakura Taisen)
20 (Sakura Taisen 4)
Birthdate January 8, 1907
Height 161cm (5'3)
Weight 50 kg
Three sizes 83/57/81
Blood type B
Birthplace Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan
Koubu Color Purple
Voice actor
Michie Tomizawa
Voice actor
Sascha Biesi (Sakura Wars OVA)
Lauren Zinn (Sakura Wars 2 OVA) (both ADV Films)
Leigh Anderson Fisher (Sakura Wars TV)
Christiana Yuuki (FUNimation)
Michelle Ruff (Bandai/Geneon)
Sakura Taisen Character

Sumire Kanzaki is a member of the Teikoku Kagedikan's Hanagumi.

Appearance and Personality Edit

"You dare to suggest that the only daughter of Kanzaki Heavy Industries, and the star actress of this theatre, and, and.......the top lady of Japanese high society, I, Kanzaki Sumire, should pick up a fork dropped on the floor!?"
—Sumire to Ogami

An established actress of great talent and self-professed star of the Hanagumi, Sumire is arrogant and conceited, perhaps because she was raised as a spoiled child, with her father and grandfather being good-hearted yet very workaholic. Despite her attitude, she is skilled pilot and highly capable of wielding a naginata, and can sometimes be rather wise. She is a daughter born into the elite Kanzaki industrial clan, whose factory produced the Koubu. After Sakura Taisen 4, Sumire's spirit energy dwindled to a level below what is necessary to operate a koubu. Because of this, she decided to run her last theatrical performance and retire. This is shown in the OVA Sakura Taisen: Sumire.

In the gamesEdit

Sakura TaisenEdit


Sumire's debut in the game is when Ichiro Ogami enters the theater after meeting Sakura and Iris. While walking around he hears an angry woman's voice. As he passes trough the kitchen, Sumire calls out at Ogami. She orders Ogami to pick up a spoon that fell on the floor. Its up to the player to decided the outcome, but either way Sumire gets shocked when she discovers Ohgami is the officer sent to aid the Imperial Assault Unit and begins laughing.

In Bloom into Flowers! By the Maidens' Obstinacy! the fifth episode, Ogami along with Sumire and Kanna go explore an abandoned mansion. While in the mansion, Sumire gets bitten by a spider. After the Ogami tries to intervene, Sumire explains that when she was a child she was a very lonely girl. Her mother and father were too busy working to spend time with her. One day while exploring her gardens, she gets bitten by a poisonous spider. After the incident, she had been terrified of Spider ever since.

If the player indeed make Sumire fall in love with Ohgami, the games ends with Ohgami going to a party and dancing with Sumire. As the clock reaches midnight, Ohgami and Sumire kiss and the credits starts rolling soon afterwards.

Sakura Taisen 2Edit

Sakura Taisen 3Edit

Sakura Taisen 4Edit

In films and televisionEdit

Sakura Wars OVAEdit

Sakura Wars OVA 2Edit

Sakura Taisen: SumireEdit

Sumire Appears in this ova as her announcement to retire from the flower division unit to Ikki Yoneda. She plans on working with the Kanzaki industry protecting the capital and make the Kanzaki stronger. She talks to Kanna, Ogami, and wishes Sakura success for her being the star of the show. She does her final performance which she walks down the lane with Everyone giving her one last round of applause as she walks out happily and saddened.

Sakura Wars (TV Series)Edit

Sakura Wars: The MovieEdit

In the mangaEdit



  • It is thought that Sumire is based on and named after Sumire Haruno, a well-known member of Takarazuka Revue.

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