SakuraWars OVA 1

Sakura Wars OVA
official title(s): Sakura Taisen Ouka Kenran
: Sakura Taisen Oka Kenran
: Sakura Wars - La splendeur des fleurs de cerisiers
: Sakura Wars - The Gorgeous Blooming Cherry Blossoms
: Sakura Wars - Together we Stand!
Original title: サクラ大戦 ~桜華絢爛~

Release Date:December 18, 1997 –July 25, 1998

Opening Song:Geki! Teikokukagekidan

Ending Song:Watashi no Aozora(ep1-3) and Hanasaku Otome(ep4)


1919: Dangerous mechanical soldiers are descending on the capital. However, the Kanzaki Industries engineers have developed steam-driven robots to fight the advancing forces--if only the right pilots can be found. Enter the Flower Brigade, a squad of young women from around the world who are up to the challenge--if only the right leader can whip them into shape in time! Based on the hit video game in Japan, SAKURA WARS follows the exploits of a team of female psychic recruits who are to do battle with the Black Root of Evil using steam powered robots. In these episodes, the girls get cocky after a fairly sloppy victory and a number of rivalries flare up within the group. It's up to a Ohgami Ichiro,a young sailor who was just recently promoted to Officer rank,to reign in these feisty females for the big battle.



The first 3 Acts of this OVA serve as a prequel story arc to the first game.The last episode takes place somewhere in the middle of the game.


Act 1: The Demon Wars Begin Again

Act 2: The Cherry Blossom Spirit Attack

Act 3: Spring is the Time for First Battles

Act 4: A Midsummer Night's Dream

Production InfoEdit

Produced 1997 by MADHOUSE, Bandai Visual

Published in the U.S. by A.D.Vision

Number of Episodes: 4