Ratchet Altair
Rachette Casual
Japanese Ratchet Altair
Kana ラチェット・アルタイル
Romaji Rachetto Arutairu
Age 20 (Sakura Wars: The Movie) 21 (Sakura Wars V)
Birthdate November 1st , 200X
Height 162 cm
Weight 48 kg
Three sizes /??/??
Blood type AB
Birthplace Washington DC, USA
Koubu Color Light Blue
Voice actor
Akiko Kuno
Voice actor
Julie Anne Taylor (Bandai/Geneon)
Sakura Wars V Character

Ratchet Altair or Lachette Altair in the movie adaptation, is the acting vice-commander of the New York Combat Revue's Star Division.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit


Ratchet Altair was the captain of the defunct European Star Division. Subaru Kujou, Orihime Soletta, and Reni Milchstraße served with her during that time. She then transferred to Teito's Flower Division to prepare herself to become New York's Star Division captain.

Combat AbilitiesEdit

Ratchet Altair is a highly skilled in using throwing knives as her primary weapon in combat both in close range and in long range making her a capable of taking down just about anyone with ease. She is also capable of piloting her very own STAR and KOBU to battle and defeat her opponents no matter what the cost.

In the gamesEdit

Sakura Wars V: So Long, My LoveEdit

In films and televisionEdit

Sakura Wars: The MovieEdit

Sakura Taisen: New York NYEdit



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