Ayame Fujieda
Matsubara Ayame
Japanese Fujieda Ayame
Kana 藤枝 あやめ
Romaji Fujieda Ayame
Age 23 (Sakura Taisen)
Birthdate July 31, 1899
Height 163 cm
Weight 46 kg
Blood type AB
Birthplace Tokyo, Japan
Voice actor
Ai Orikasa
Voice actor
Amy L. Gambler (ADV Films)
Sakura Taisen character Character

Ayame Fujieda was the acting Vice Commander of the Imperial Assault Force. She was also one of the former members of the Anti-Kouma Squad along with Ikki Yoneda, Shinnosuke Yamazaki and Kazuma Shinguji.

Kaede Fujieda, her younger sister, replaces her after the events of the first game.

Kouma Aya-meEdit

Kouma Aya-me (降魔・殺女) is the corrupt form of Ayame. She has the appearance of a fallen angel.